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Rise Foundation Kurdistan

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Rise Foundation is a non-religious, non-political organisation working to support the refugee and IDP communities within Kurdistan. It is a registered NGO (registration number 792-2013) providing bespoke support to the most vulnerable and recreational projects for, the refugee and internally displaced people (IDP) populations.

We want to support Project Emergency Release for IDPS


Emergency Relief for IDPs

Given the events taking place in Iraq and Syria, our primary focus is to provide coordinated emergency relief to refugees and IDPs fleeing conflict.

With the support of our donors, Rise Foundation is currently providing food, hygiene kits and other NFIs (Non food Items).

In coordination with a local hospital, they are bringing doctors and medical professionals to the refugee and IDP locations as well as funding prescriptions and in-hospital treatment for those with the most immediate needs.

The situation across Kurdistan is very severe, with large numbers of people affected. As well as almost 220,000 refugees from the conflict in Syria, Kurdistan currently has approximately 830,000 IDPs from other areas of Iraq. As a whole, Iraq has around 1.5 million people affected by the current conflict. Following the intensification of fighting between ISIS and Kurdish forces, around 200,000 people were displaced from the Sinjar area, most of whom have been trying to reach the relative safety of Kurdistan.

Rise Foundation’s Family Food Packs are procured from the same supplier as the World Food Program and contain:


Weight Item Number of Packs
4000g Rice 1
750g Bulgur 2
750g Lentils 2
650g Chickpeas 2
1000g Beans 2
1000g Flour 2
1000g Cooking Oil 3
830g Tomato Paste 3
800g Sugar 2
750g Salt 3
200g Tea 2
300g Jam 2